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why does hiking burn so many calories

how many calories did i burn hiking

Why Does Hiking Burn So Many Calories?

Hiking is a popular outdoor recreational activity that has the potential to burn many glorious calories. With more and more people turning towards a healthy lifestyle, hiking has become a favorite form of exercise for many seeking to improve their physical health. But what is it about Hiking that makes it so calorie burn-friendly?

Calorie Burn and Exertion Level

The calories burned from a hiking activity depend on the level of exertion used. If walking at a leisurely pace, the calorie-burn may be akin to gentle jogging, but if paired with slopes or hills, the calorie burn could become equivalent to running. Researchers estimate that a 90-minute hike can burn up to 600 calories, depending on the physical condition of the hiker and the terrain. Those hikes taking place on tougher terrains can burn noticeably higher amounts of fat and calories compared to regular flat walking.

Sustaining the Intensity of Exercise

The best way to boost your calorie burn and get the most out of your hiking sessions is to sustain the intensity of the exercise. What this means is that the duration of the uphill and downhill terrain should be balanced to make sure that the average intensity is kept elevated. Alternating between moderate and high intensities has been shown to increase the calorie burn during hiking. In addition to terrain, the weight of the backpack will also impact the calorie burn from a hike. A backpack that is filled with necessary equipment will lead to a higher calorie burn, and a lighter backpack may lead to a lower calorie burn.

Type of Hike for Maximum Calorie Burn

The type of hiking terrain should be chosen for maximum calorie burn. Hikes involving steep terrain tend to burn more fat and calories. This form of exercise will also challenge the person`s cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems. On the other hand, hikes with narrow trails and short uphill climbs tend to burn fewer calories because they don`t require as much energy or exertion.

How Many Calories Did I Burn Hiking?

The number of calories burned depends on the person`s weight, gender, age, as well as the intensity, duration, and terrain of the hike. The number of calories burned during a hike can range from 200 to 600, or even more depending on the hiker`s body composition and the intensity of the hike. To calculate the exact number of calories burned, a person can use an online calorie calculator.


Hiking is an enjoyable activity that offers numerous health benefits. It is an excellent form of exercise that is more enjoyable and stimulates the body in unique ways that walking on flat terrain cannot. When done properly, hikes can burn a significant number of calories and fat, and is a great way to stay in shape.
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