Why Do People Like Hiking: 12 Good Reasons For Hiking

No matter the frequency, hiking is a popular pastime for many people all over the world. This has been the case in the past, and it will probably not change in the future.

People who have never been hiking before often wonder how you can do such a boring thing. Therefore we will show you 12 good reasons why people like hiking. Maybe we can convince some people who have this attitude of the contrary.

1. The Solitude

In a country such as the United States, where people are always on the go and in a constant noise state, it can be challenging to find time for yourself. Whether you live in the suburbs or a bustling city, few places can offer this type of relaxation.

One of the most popular ways to achieve this sense of solitude is hiking. Most hikers who travel through mountains during the summer months often choose to do so at night because they can enjoy the quietness and beat back society’s noise (don’t forget your flashlight!).

2. The Sense of Adventure

There is nothing quite like being in nature and exploring what lies just beyond reach. In this day and age, it can be tough to find a way to take part in an adventure. However, hiking offers a true sense of adventure.

Most hikers travel to mountain tops, such as the Appalachian Mountains in the United States. They may come across deserted areas rich in history and culture on their journey towards specific destinations. Exploring these areas offers a true sense of exploration and adventure.

3. The Physical Exercise

Hiking is one form of exercise that can offer a nice break from traditional forms of exercise like weight lifting and jogging. Although weight lifting or jogging can benefit your body’s health, hiking provides its own benefits.

Hikers who travel through mountains, especially those that happen to be taller than 8,000 feet, are exposed to altitudes that have been known to offer physical benefits to your body. As you move higher up the mountain, your body adapts to the area. This is partly due to the lack of oxygen offered in higher altitudes.

Even away from mountaineering, hiking has many advantages for your body and soul.

4. The Scenery

Hiking through nature and exploring the wonders it offers is one of the best forms of relaxation you can find. From all around, you can hear the calls of various bird species while at the same time feeling a cool breeze blowing against your face.

Hiking through nature and experiencing its beauty is one of the best ways to relax and enjoy life to a new level. As you travel higher up into mountains, you will often discover new areas, flowers, or trees endemic to those particular locations. Exploring these areas offers a great view into what surrounds you.

5. The Personal Growth

There is little doubt that hiking offers personal growth for many individuals who participate in it. No matter how much experience you have hiking, every time you set out to do so, it can be a personal growth-filled experience.

Why? You will face new obstacles like rocks or dense vegetation depending on where you hike. This can force you to think of new ways to overcome these obstacles. If any plants along the way are poisonous or dangerous, you will be forced to avoid them; this forces the brain to learn and adapt in novel ways.

6. The Escape

There is no doubt that most hikers are drawn to the activity because it offers a form of escape. Whether they are going on a long hike or taking a short hike, this is one of the best ways to escape whatever life has brought upon them.

Hiking can offer a sense of serenity in your life, especially when done during the summer months. This is partly because you are escaping from the bustle of modern-day life and venturing into nature to spend some time exploring its wonders.

7. The Mental Responsibility

Many people enjoy hiking so much that it can lead them to experience feelings of personal responsibility for their actions. Whether they are hiking by themselves or in a group, this can be a positive experience.

The mental pressure of being alone and carrying on conversations with friends and family through texts, emails, Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, and more can be pretty stressful. However, when on a hike with friends or family members, you have no choice but to set up camp. This can be seen as a welcome responsibility for many hikers.

8. The Opportunity to Slow Down

With most of us living fast-paced lives, there is rarely enough time to slow down and relax. This can be especially true for those who work long and stressful hours in the 9-5 workweek.

When we are presented with the opportunity to slow down, it can be a welcome change of pace for many people. You’ll often find this is the case when hiking with others. Whether it’s a leisurely walk or a full-on sprint up a mountain, you can slow down and take in the things around you.

9. The Social Connection

In the past couple of decades, society has shifted from one rooted in human interaction to one based solely on technology and social media. Although this shift has allowed us to be more present in our personal lives, it can be tough to come by a form of contact with others.

Hiking offers a way for social interaction that doesn’t involve technology. You can connect with others through your personal experiences and feelings. This can help people feel a sense of camaraderie and create loving relationships. It’s also one way for people to relax during their downtime at the end of the day, which people often need the most.

10. The Relaxing Sense of Patience

Hiking is known for being an exercise that takes patience. Many people find themselves rushing from one place to another in their daily lives without stopping. From work to home, technology keeps us connected to others. We often find it hard to slow down and appreciate the world around us.

You are forced to stop and take it all in on a hike. While hiking can be a quick exercise if that is what you want or need, it can also be an exercise that allows you to slow down and take your time. This will enable people to appreciate the simple things in life and live each day with a greater sense of gratitude for what they have in their lives.

11. The Self-Awareness Exercise

Hiking is often perceived as an exercise that requires a lot of strength from your body. This can be true, but there are plenty of easy and relatively painless ways to get fit by hiking. A study shows that the gradual increase in muscle activation over time helps you feel stronger on the inside.

All too often, we focus on exercising for our muscles and forget about our bodies’ capacity for self-awareness and acceptance. This is especially true when people try to lose weight or build muscle by working out on a piece of machinery in a gym.

In the past, people tended to work out for competitive purposes and had a form of pride in their effort. However, what happens when you are unable to achieve this goal? Instead, you feel like a failure and struggle with self-esteem. This is why hiking offers an excellent exercise in that it reduces stress and builds self-awareness and acceptance.

12. The Lower Chance of Injury

The most significant advantage of hiking is that it’s a low-risk option for exercise. Some injuries can come from the activity, but they’re far fewer than those experienced while working out in the gym. Although you’ll find that many people prefer to work out at the gym, there are some important factors to consider.

The most significant factor is that people tend to push themselves harder in a gym than they should. This can often lead to injuries that could be avoided by using safer equipment and exercise routines. Most health professionals will tell you that over 90% of all athletic injuries are caused by an improper form or lack of proper stretching.

Even if you avoid taking up a hobby like hiking or going for walks in nature, this can still be a significant factor that can help your body stay healthy and vibrant as long as possible.

Conclusion: Why Do People Like Hiking?

Hiking is a low-risk exercise option that can help you stay healthy, fit, and active. It’s also a great way to spend your free time and see the beauty in nature through your own eyes.
Aside from being an exercise option, hiking offers many other benefits. It helps you slow down, appreciate your surroundings, build self-awareness, reduce stress, and build friendships with others.

This is why it’s always such a great idea for anyone interested in becoming physically fit and healthy to consider hiking as their hobby or passion.

Last Update: 28. March 2022
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