How To Find A Hiking Partner: 7 Ways To Find Companions

In these days, one of the main reasons to find a hiking partner is because of the safety and security that come with having one. A hiking partner should be someone you connect with in any way, so there’s a bit of communication for every hike. Hiking requires someone who derives pleasure in taking long walks, whether for health benefits or personal achievements.

Finding a hiking partner has been made easy with technological advancement. Today, technology plays a significant role in finding a partner. You can easily find a hiking partner through a friend, apps that are specialized in connecting hikers, hiking communities, fellow fitness enthusiasts and so on.

In this article, we will be shedding more light on 7 methods you could never have thought of. How to find a hiking partner? Read on to find out more.

1. Apps Specialized in Connecting Hikers

This is the easiest way how to find a hiking partner because it can be done from the convenience of your home or anywhere you are. Such apps work with your location to help link you with people close to you.

This method is perfect for people who have a small circle of friends and people who don’t mind having a stranger as their hiking partner.


  • They are fast and efficient
  • Perfect for introverts and shy people
  • Reduces insecurities


  • Fake accounts and impersonation
  • The flawed matching algorithm from the app
  • Might cost you money

2. Ask Friends

If you have social friends and happen to know a lot of people, this is an easy way to locate a hiking partner. You can simply ask them to reach out to other friends who have similar interests to you.

This method is extremely safe because you won’t be hiking with a total stranger.


  • Very safe
  • It won’t cost you any money


  • It’s a long process
  • A bit time consuming
  • The more friends, the more efficient

3. Hiking Communities

Hiking communities are very rampant today. Most communities are created to aid fellow hikers and pass necessary information. Joining a hiking community might not be a bad idea because you get to interact with people of similar interests who are within your neighborhood.

However, joining one might not be as easy as you think because some groups might not be accommodated at first. So, if you don’t mind the accommodating process, this is the best method for you.

Getting into hiking communities, you have access to experienced hikers who you would feel good around while hiking. Maybe you also get some tips according to hiking in these communities.


  • Easy to find a hiking partner when you have joined a community
  • Easy access to experienced personnel
  • Access to new information


  • Issues relating to non-accommodating hikers
  • Might cost you money

4. Reaching Out to Fitness Enthusiasts

A fitness enthusiast might be a friend who spends time in the gym, a gym instructor, a fitness coach, a fitness influencer, or someone who works in a sports store. Be rest assured that having access to at least one of these people guarantees you a hiking partner in no time.

When reaching out to them, we advise that you let them know the kind of partner you want, so they can link you up with someone you would like.

Hiking with a gym-goer will give us access to more hiking tips and health tips like what food to eat, energy boosters, and what techniques to use.


  • You will find someone with a similar interest
  • It’s very safe
  • More tricks and tips


  • Might take a while

5. Specialized Websites for Finding Hiking Partners

This is relatively one of the easiest ways to find a hiking partner. The first step is to use your device to look up “websites for locating a hiking partner” or “hiking clubs within my neighborhood”.

This is one of the best mediums to socialize, you have the upper hand because you will skip the process of meeting non-hikers and proceed directly to actual hikers.

However, you might want to take precautions when meeting with a hiking partner, after you must have gotten one from a website. We advise that you meet them in a public place and inform someone about your whereabouts. After doing this and creating a personal relationship with your prospect hiker, you can go on to tour the woods or whatever destinations you have in mind.


  • Fast and reliable
  • Similar aims and objectives


  • Fake websites
  • Ads could be discouraging
  • Might cost you money

6. Find a Partner on Facebook or Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are social media platforms with very high user numbers. In addition, their users are pretty active, so getting a potential partner shouldn’t be a problem.

All you need to do if you don’t have an account is to create one and to proceed to add your interest to your biography. You can add that you don’t belong to any hiking community and are open to meeting other hikers.


  • Easy to use
  • Multiple options of possible partners


  • Time-consuming
  • Fake accounts

7. Reach Out to People on The Trial

This method works well for people who don’t mind interacting with strangers. While hiking, you can take a few minutes to reach out to people who look friendly or someone who’s hiking alone just like you. Chat with them for a bit and make your intentions known.

With this method, you have the upper hand because you can tell the kind of person they are from the first impression they give.


  • It is quick
  • Little or no fear is involved when you start hiking together
  • Access to new ideas


  • People with interaction problems may find it hard to approach people
  • Bad for shy people

Conclusion: How to Find a Hiking Partner?

As you can see – thanks to the internet – there are a lot of opportunities to find a hiking partner. But there are also enough possibilities to find someone apart from technology by classical offline networking.

Last Update: 26. March 2022
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