What Does TOTT Mean In Geocaching: A Simple Definition

In the world of Geocaching, the abbreviation TOTT stands for “Tools of the Trade. But what does “Tools of the Trade” exactly mean?

The tools of the trade are the equipment you need in order to find the next geocache. These could be a flashlight or tweezers, for example. Also, your GPS is one tool of the trade – the most important one, to be precise.

9 Examples for TOTT in Geocaching

You may wonder what typical tools of the trade are when it comes to treasure hunting in the woods. Here are some popular examples many geocachers usually take with them:

  • GPS: This navigation device is essential when it comes to Geocaching. No further explanation is needed.
  • Flashlight: The woods can be dark, and dusk may come earlier than you think. In nature, it’s always a good idea to bring a flashlight (even during a hike).
  • Batteries: A flashlight is an excellent example of a technical device needing batteries sooner or later. When going Geocaching, taking additional batteries with you always makes sense.
  • Power Bank: A power bank is the modern version of batteries. Some people don’t leave the house without at least one power bank.
  • Pens: You can’t fill in a logbook when you don’t have a pen at hand. Maybe you better have two or three with you – just to be sure.
  • Tweezers: For some hiding places, you will need tweezers. Fortunately, they don’t take too much space in your bag.
  • Notebook: It’s never a bad idea to take a notebook with you in case of the need to take notes.
  • Magnetic Grabber: This device looks like a selfie stick and has a magnetic head. This kind of device can be a good idea to take with you if the cache is hidden under leaves.
  • Bag/Pouch: Of course, you also need some kind of backpack or pouch to store all this stuff.

We have intentionally left out water and snacks in this list because they are no tools in the narrow sense. But it’s always a good idea to take this kind of stuff with you when you go out. You never know how long the treasure hunting takes. It’s easy to forget the time when caching – I speak from experience.

By the way: A first aid kit might also be a good idea if you enter the wilderness or unknown places.

The List of Possible Tools of the Trade Are Endless

The TOTT you need when geocaching strongly depends on where you live and how inventive geocachers in your area are. But it’s no problem not to have the right equipment at hand – you can always come back the next day.

With growing experience, you will get to know which TOTT you need when going out. While your experience is growing, your list of equipment will also grow. You will want to be equipped for all possible cases.

Conclusion: What Does TOTT Mean in Geocaching

The abbreviation TOTT stands for “Tools of the Trade“. It’s the equipment you need in order to find and open the next geocache.

Last Update: 23. June 2022
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