How To Find Geocaching Groups: 4 Simple Methods

Finding a suitable group can be overwhelming if you’re new to Geocaching. Fortunately, we are here to help you team up with other enthusiasts of tech-aided treasure hunts. Geocaching groups update participants on the trending news, set competitions, and answer the questions of beginner geocachers. But how do you find an ideal Geocaching group in your locality?

To find the best Geocaching groups, start with the oldest, most prominent platform: If you don’t find a suitable group there, expand your search and lookup forums and groups on Facebook, Twitter, and other related websites.

Now, let’s explore in detail how you can find a suitable group nearby.

1. How to Find a Geocaching Group with the Official App

First, you should have an account on the official Geocaching platform. Download the app and sign up if you don’t have an account already. It shouldn’t take too long, and once that’s completed, you’ll see a map of your local area populated with green icons. Zoom out, and you’ll see the icons in a place near you.

Each icon represents a Geocache. When you tap on any, you’ll get details about the item’s difficulty, the terrain around it, and its size. You’ll see the owner’s name below the details.

To connect with that person, tap on Message. Remember that a geocache owner is a real person as you introduce yourself. So, make sure to keep things friendly and constructive. For example, your first Message could go like this:

Hey [their username], I am new to Geocaching, and I see that you own a geocache near my area. Since you’re old in the game, I’d love it if you connected me to like-minded people. So kindly reach out to me at [your phone number].

Now, wait for their feedback, and if you’re lucky, they will add you to local Geocaching platforms. You can bet on this because whoever places a geocache is well connected, especially if they listed it long ago.

2. Finding Geocaching Groups on Social Media (Facebook and Twitter)

If you can’t reach any owner of a geocache, the next place to build your community is on social media. Let’s take a look at two of the biggest platforms: Facebook and Twitter.

Geocaching on Facebook

After logging into your account, look up the official Geocaching webpage on Facebook, or click here. You’ll see the latest post, and that’s where you start building your group.

Check the comment section and look for hints of people from your geographical area. If anyone piques your interest, send them a friend request. Once they accept, message them privately and go straight to the point. That will make them feel less awkward, and if they’re cool and accept your request, you’ll have a Geocaching group of your own in no time.

Geocaching on Twitter

Get in touch with Geocaching on Twitter via their official account here and look at their followers (over 80,000 now). Then, scroll down and follow anyone whose bio points in your geographical direction.

In addition, check Geocaching’s tweets, find a reply that impresses you, and follow the owner. Send a direct message, and if you are lucky, they may invite you to join a WhatsApp group or a Telegram channel. These channels should help you find at least one person in your neighborhood who wants to learn the ropes.

The good news: Once you know one or two geocachers near you, you will almost automatically get to know even more.

3. Visit Other Websites to Find Your Team

Apart from, you could also tap into and build your group. Together with the other methods mentioned here, the website should help you boost your results.

To experience the entirety of this Geocaching app, you’ll need to upgrade to their premium membership. But, also allows you to connect with people free of charge.

You’ll enjoy the platform most if you’re a biker, hiker, or camper. To get started, visit their forums and join in. You’ll be able to follow on already-discussed topics, and once registered, you’ll have increased capabilities like messaging other members privately.

You could also find more Geocaching communities near you by searching for Geocaching and the area you’re living in. Just test it. Maybe you’ll find a special website just for Geocaching in your area.

4. Word of Mouth: Talk About Geocaching

Talk about Geocaching while you spend time with friends or family. Maybe you get connected with someone else because one of your friends has appropriate contacts.

Conclusion: How to Find Geocaching Groups

Reaching out to people and building a Geocaching group can be daunting. However, you don’t need to have cold feet because sooner or later, you’ll find a crew of your own.

Remember to look high, low, and round when looking for your first geocache. Your surroundings will be speaking to you, so listen in. And don’t forget: Beware of the muggles!

Last Update: 05. April 2022
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